CPMS Students Enjoy "iLumiDance Revealed" Performance via Far West Grant

Rainbow Dance Company's "iLumiDance Revealed"

Rainbow Dance Company's "iLumiDance Revealed"

On March 22, Rainbow Dance Co. performed "iLumiDance Revealed" to a gym full of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  This performance was made possible by a generous grant from Far West Recycling and an additional contribution by the Cedar Park Parent Teacher Club, using funds raised from last fall's 5K fundraiser.

The professional dancers lit up the darkened gym and appeared to "float" through the space. Students were inspired to express ideas through art and engineering.  The show was a great combination of art and the engineering design process.

The students really enjoyed the portion of the show called "stick person" where a group of six students collaborated on a dance.  After prototypes and practice, the lights went out and the stick person danced "Gangnam Style" as the audience roared in appreciation and acknowledgement for the hard work of student participants.  It was clear that the performers enjoyed working together on a difficult task.

Thanks again to Far West Recycling, Young Audiences, and the PTC for their work and generous support bringing this professional art and engineering experience to Cedar Park students.