2018-19 Art Lit Grade Coordinators Needed

Cedar Park's Art Literacy program is already looking into 2018-19 as it seeks a new leadership team.  

Next year, Art Lit will continue with its revamped scheduled.  There will be only one unit/artist presented during the school year for each grade. Two art lit coordinators FROM EACH GRADE will manage and oversee their grade's project, significantly reducing the previous leadership work load.

The Art Lit Coordinators need to choose their artist art box during May 2018 (next month!), so let us know you're interested in this wonderful program!

The Art Literacy Coordinators' jobs for next year are straightforward and simple.  You pick an artist, you get the artist box, you order the supplies you need for your grade (approximately 300 students), you coordinate with the Humanities head teacher to pick a date and reserve the Library.  On that date you do the presentation and production for each of three class periods in the Library.  Then you are done for the entire school year.

The art box contains all the presentation materials needed to be able to effectively present the unit.  It also has information on what is needed for the production (art project).

You only need to ask for parent volunteers to help prep the materials for the big day and to help when the students are in the Library. 

Funds for the Art Literacy Program are generously provided from the PTC fund.

This is a fun and engaging way to connect with the students and see what great creative ideas they develop based on the artist presented.

Email Angela Redmon if you are interested in taking on one of the grade Art Lit projects.