5K FAQ-- All Your Burning Questions Answered

Why should I care about this fundraiser?

Great question.  The Cedar Park 5K is the PTC's only fundraiser of the year.  If the goal is not reached, than additional fundraisers will need to be added into the school year, which absolutely no parent wants EVER.  By raising all our money in the fall, parents can sit back and relax for the rest of year, and watch all our hard-earned donations be spent.

But seriously.  What does it fund?  Where does my money go?

The PTC provides a lot of awesome things for Cedar Park, many of which are invisible to the average parent who's just trying to survive middle school.  These donations touch all students, all year, through student programs such as the Art Literacy program and the PACK store.  The PTC also provides two student socials per year, per grade, as well as the 8th Grade Send-off and various Staff Appreciation events.

Last year, the PTC's budget introduced the addition of specific grade-level experiences.  Your donation dollars now support Outdoor School for every single 6th grader, an Engineering Lab for 7th grade, and a full-day collegiate experience for 8th graders.  

I want the gritty details.

Check out the PTC budget or a list of all our PTC programs and activities.

Any big aspirations for CPMS improvement?

Totally!  Our CPMS administration has identified two areas they'd like to attack:  bulking up the fledgling Engineering Lab and giving our Media Center (fancy name of the library) a facelift.  Every dollar you give helps support those improvements.

I have zero intention of setting up a fundraising page.  Can I still donate?

Absolutely.  Setting up a fundraising page is not required.  To donate online, head to our 5K Firstgiving site and click on "Donate."  You will then be prompted to select a team to support or simply to donate to the cause.  

If you'd prefer to pay by cash or check, you can return donations to the school via the envelope that went home as your 5K packet.  

I've lost the envelope that went home.  Apparently my pile system doesn't work.

Not a problem.  Return your donation in any envelope, but include the pledge form  and clearly mark the outside as "Cedar Park 5K."

Quite honestly, I never hear about the PTC or how this money is used.

Ugh.  We get it.  No one wants to throw money into a black hole.  Check out our brand-spanking new PTC website at www.cedarparkptc.org.  We've put some time into improving our communications.  Consider this new website your PTC HQ-- with lots of info regarding our budget, our events, our programs, and volunteering.  You can even subscribe to the blog emails, so you are always in the know.

Nice try.  I still have questions about the 5K.

Start at www.cedarparkptc.org/fundraising.  If you still have questions, email our 5K Team at cedarpark5k@gmail.com.

Okay, I'm in.  Where do I start? 

Join the cause at https://www.firstgiving.com/411287/cedar-park-5k.

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