Five Awesome Reasons to Donate to the CPMS 5K

CPMS's PTC budget provides an incredible level of support for every student at CPMS.  In case you weren't aware of the positive contributions that your donation creates, we are counting down five awesome things provided by your 5K dollars.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 7.20.17 PM.png

Every 6th grader gets it, but schools are on their own to fund it. Your donation dollars support an incredible science experience that creates LIFE-LONG MEMORIES for every 6th grader at CPMS.

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 Last year our 7th graders embarked on a new adventure at CPMS– working with and experimenting in CPMS's first-ever engineering lab. The dollars you donate help improve and build upon that experience.


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Last year our donations sent the entire 8th grade on a full-day field trip to OSU. For many, this was their first experience on a college campus. Let's keep inspiring our kids through tangible experiences that broaden their horizons and raise their expectations.


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.13.47 AM.png

In a world full of budget cuts, our students are exposed less and less to the beauty and wonder of established artists. CPMS' Art Lit program offers three school-wide units that give historical background as well as a hands-on project.


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We've got big dreams for our CPMS library that include updated furniture, technology-friendly tables, and glass-enclosed study areas.  With your help, we can reimagine this aging space into something that inspires even the most reluctant teen.



Sufficiently inspired?  You still have two ways to donate:

  1. Donate online at
  2. Return cash or check to the office via the 5K envelope.  Loose your envelope?  Any envelope will work– just include the pledge form and clearly mark the outside with "Cedar Park 5K."

Our fundraiser closes on Thursday, 10/12.  Donate now to be a part of positive change at CPMS.