Cedar Park 5K: Where the Money Goes

Our one and ONLY fundraiser is a week away! Read on to be inspired by the quality programming & support that your generous 5K dollars provide, then get started at pledgestar.com/cedarpark.

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What exactly are we funding here?

This 5K does all the heavy lifting– bulking up the library, supplementing our after-school clubs, providing transportation for enriching field trips, and most importantly, filling in those gaps where the regular school budget just ain’t cutting it.

Here are just SOME tangible examples purchased with PTC money last school year:

  • Whiteboard tables for 8th grade math classrooms

  • After-school club support

  • Lunch recess equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, etc.)

  • All-school socials & 8th Grade Send-off

  • Bus transportation for OSU Field Trip for 8th graders & 6th/7th grade OMSI experiences

  • Art literacy supplies 

  • Additional OBOB books & literacy support

  • PACK store supplies

  • Staff appreciation events

Want the nitty gritty details? Head to www.cedarparkptc.org/business to poke through our financials.

2019-20 PTC Budget Boasts Exciting New Line Items

Your PTC Board is proud to announce several new additions to the 2019-20 budget. This school year ‘s budget includes:

  • Classroom Supplies ($2700) ($75 x 36 teachers): To be used at each classroom teacher's discretion to purchase needed classroom supplies

  • Student Fund for School Enrichment ($1000): To be used with Dr. A's student advisory council, this fund will provide student-led initiatives & improvements to CPMS.

  • Cedar Park Sign Rebuild ($5000): Provides a new sign to replace the previous rotted & damaged wooden one (removed last school year)

  • Sound System Upgrade ($1500): Funds to help boost the current cafeteria sound system

  • Phase Two Library Upgrade ($3500): Additional improvements to the library, most likely another couch/setting area set

  • Three Math Classroom Whitetables ($4500): The second phase in replacing the math classrooms tables, these new additions are a perfect fit for collaborative and inventive math work

These are in addition to the already-existing tradition of three grade level experiences for all CPMS students, as well as Art Literacy, PACK store, library/literacy support, and a $7500 School-wide Discretionary Fund (over seen by Dr. Anderson).

Dreams Above & Beyond Our Budget

We've always got big ideas! Here's a dream list if we are able to achieve beyond our $55k goal:

  • Outdoor & permanent ping pong tables

  • Additional whiteboard math tables (currently only in 8th grade classrooms)

  • Another phase of library updates

Ready to get started?

ONLINE: Head to pledgestar.com/cedarpark

CASH/CHECK: Grab a 5K donation envelope from the main offer OR just return your donation in any envelope, with your child’s name & grade clearly marked. Checks made out to Cedar Park PTC.

Questions? Check out our comprehensive 5K newsletter or email our 5K team (5k@cedarparkptc.org)