BSD Budget Meeting Moved to 5/22, Collective Roar Needed

The Beaverton school board has sent the budget back to committee for reevaluation.  Make sure they know that your priority is to save the MYP program.  Act now while decisions are still being made!  

Call or email our school board member Eric Simpson: 

Call or email Superintendent Don Grotting:


We need a collective roar so they know the MYP program is of utmost importance to us.  Please call or email today.

Budget Meeting Rescheduled

Please also consider attending the next BSD Budget meeting in support of MYP (see info below).

The next Beaverton School District Budget Committee Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Southridge High School, 9625 SW 125th Avenue, Beaverton, 97008.  

NOTE: The May 13, 2019 Budget Committee Meeting is cancelled. 

Budget Committee Chair Denise Petterborg and Vice Chair Heidi Edwards recommended staff review and revise the budget proposal stating there are enough variables, assumptions and input to reconsider. “Given the volume of public input received at the first Budget Committee and online, we felt it was important for staff to sharpen their pencils and possibly revise the proposed budget,” said Denise Petterborg. “This will also give the District time to plan for HB 3427 funding, the Student Success Act, which would be available in 2020-2021,” said Becky Tymchuk, Beaverton School Board Chair.  

The purpose of this meeting is for the Budget Committee to take comment from the public on the budget, pose questions to staff and discuss the revised budget proposal.