CPMS Fall Book Fair Coming 10/14-10/22, Volunteers Needed

CPMS’ fall book fair begins Monday, 10/14 and runs through Monday, 2/22 in the CPMS Media Center (library). Funds provided from Scholastic book fairs go directly to purchasing additional books for our CPMS library.

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Volunteer shifts include:

  • SET-UP: Thursday, 10/10, 12-2pm

  • SALES: October 14 & 15, two hour shifts from 8:45am- 4pm

  • SALES: October 16 & 17 , two hour shifts from 8am-7:30pm

  • SALES: October 21, two hour shifts from 8:45am to 4pm

  • TEAR-DOWN: Tuesday, October 22, 1-3pm

Sign up HERE to help make this book fair a success.