First 5K Raffle Winners Announced, Four Things to Know about the 5K

Our 5K effort is happeninig! Eight students are taking home some free prizes this week as part of our first of four 5K raffles. Congrats to 7th grader Kiarah O., who is our big winner of the KingPins party for six.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.02.48 AM.png

The following five students won Columbia water bottles:  Ashley N. (6th grade), Caitlyn S. (7th grade), Kaiden C. (7th), Grace B. (7th), and Bridget N. (7th grade).

Quinn N. (6th grade) has won a Columbia hydroflask and Wyatt C. (7th grade) walks home with a Five Guys gift card.

Winners can pick up their items in the office during lunch or after school.


Top Golf Raffle Next Week

Our giving continues next week with another raffle and MORE PRIZES!  Each unique donor on a student’s fundraising page will earn them one entry to win a Top Golf gift card. The more donors you have, the more chances to win!

Other prizes next week include a Columbia duffle bag and six Jamba Juice coupons for you and a friend.


Four Things Parents Should Know about the CPMS 5K

1.  The 5K is the Cedar Park PTC’s only fundraiser.  

Forget the extended magazine sales or monthly dining nights.  Your parent-teacher club (PTC) is getting it done RIGHT NOW, so we can spend the rest of the year relaxing & watching our hard-earned donations being spent on our kids.  

2. Donors have payment options-- online or donation envelope.  

Families can set-up an online Firstgiving fundraising page & solicit donors from family & friends across America.  But if you’d rather just keep it old school & write us a check (or stuff a little cash in an envelope), we’ll take that too. Either way, it’s tax deductible!!

3. The 5K provides some pretty cool stuff that KEEPS CEDAR PARK AWESOME.   

This 5K does it all– bulking up the robotics lab, supplementing our after-school clubs, providing transportation for educational field trips, and most importantly, filling in those gaps where the regular school budget just ain’t cutting it.  HERE'S HOW LAST YEAR'S FUNDS WERE PUT TO GOOD USE.

Want nitty gritty? Head to to poke through our financials.

4. We need parents to make the day LEGENDARY.

The 5K team has got some pretty awesome ideas in their back pocket (one word:  FLAMINGOS) but we can’t pull it off without YOU. Take a moment to sign-up for a shift to make magic happen on 10/4. 

Got your background check figured out?  All your info is at


Ready to get started online?

Head to our 5K Firstgiving website, where you can build a simple and secure online fundraising page for your student, and qualify them for next week's Top Golf raffle.

Keep it up, Timberwolves!  The countdown continues to our 5K on October 4th.

Still have questions?  Chat with Karen ( or head to