Upcoming Cedar Park Changes for 2018-19

Even as this year winds down, Cedar Park is already looking forward to 2018-19.  Here are the currently known changes and improvements that will be implemented next school year.


Facility Improvements

BSD’s bond facility improvements continue at Cedar Park this summer. The following projects are slated for CPMS:

  • An entire new baseball fence surrounding the field

  • Repainted lockers

  • Gym floor and our updated school logo to be completely sanded down and repainted

  • Repaved front parking lot

  • Entire interior of the building to be repainted (next fall)


First Day of School

  • The first day of school for 6th grade is Monday, 8/27.  7th and 8th grade will start on 8/28. This is the first time in recent memory that BSD will start before Labor Day.


8th Grade Math Curriculum

  • All 8th graders will move to AGS 1 (Algebra/Geometry/Statistics).  This will put them on track to take AGS 2 as freshman.  Those needing additional support will have the opportunity to repeat AGS 1 as freshmen.

  • Because of this challenging math curriculum, the eighth grade schedule will return to equal time for each core class (eliminating the double Humanities block).


STEM Enrichment Elective

  • In lieu of Science or Humanities Enrichment, students will now be offered a STEM Enrichment elective.  This is a pass/fail elective that offers hands-on learning to STEM topics.



  • Not a lot of staff changes, though some 6th grade teachers are moving to 8th grade.  There will be several new 6th grade teachers.



  • Will only be held on Thursday afternoons (a change from its current Thurs/Friday morning sessions).  The CPMS administrators hope to have a more directed curriculum for the advisory program.



  • Cedar Park counselors will now loop with a specific class, ensuring that students will have the same counselor for their entire time at CPMS.  


Summa Transition

  • Next year, the Summa program will only be offered for 7th and 8th graders as the program is transitioned to Meadow Park.  BSD is consolidating the Summa programs back to three middle schools.


Any questions can be directed to CPMS Principal, Shannon Anderson (shannon_anderson@beaverton.k12.or.us).