May 2018 Community Meeting Recap & Treasurer's Report

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Cedar Park's PTC held its May meeting last Monday, 5/21.  Dr. Anderson and the PTC Board presented recent events at Cedar Park to the attending parents.  Next year's budget was vote on and approved.

Topics included:


(Please note:  the initial draft of this recap inadvertently stated that all CPMS students would take AGS1 next fall.  Only 8th graders will be taking AGS1 in the fall).

With the passage of next year's budget, the PTC Board has since decided to cancel June's meeting. Thank you to all the parents who have participated and attended our PTC meetings this year. We will see you all in September for a parent "meet and greet" as we usher in a new school year.

Any questions can be directed to Jana Drotzmann, PTC President.