Cedar Park Band Program Seeks Donors for "Music Mentors"


Cedar Park's band program is partnering with the Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF) to raise money for professional musicians to work with our students.

CPMS' band classes are very large with over 40 students per class playing six different kinds of instruments that all read different music. Without help it can be challenging to give every student the support they need to be successful. 

Every $50 raised will bring in a professional musician to give a masterclass for the students on their instrument. This individualized small group instruction will help students excel on their instrument and keep their enthusiasm going throughout the entire school year. 

Cedar Park's goal is to raise $1,500 which will provide thirty masterclasses over the course of the school year. If you or someone you know would like to support this project please click on the link below to make a donation:

Cedar Park Choice Page