5K FAQ: Where the Money Goes

Our 5K fundraiser is wrapping up this week and we are crazy close to our $50,000 goal. With just $3300 left to go, we are closing in on the win.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.22.50 AM.png

This is the PTC’s ONLY fundraiser all year, so let’s break down our PTC budget to see where your money goes. Curious what your generous donation funds? Let’s answer all your burning questions.

Where does this money go? I need examples.

Every dollar is put back into the students, programs and events of Cedar Park Middle School.  Our 2018-19 PTC budget funds explicitly funds:

  • art literacy

  • reading literacy

  • lunch duty supplies

  • student planners

  • the PACK store

  • student socials

  • staff appreciation

  • the 8th grade send-off

  • a portion of Family Fun Night

Also, an ASTONISHING 39% of our budget provides transportation and fees for a unique field trip experience for each grade.  That’s money for EVERY SINGLE STUDENT. 6th grade has already enjoyed Outdoor School, while last year’s 7th grade explored PSU, and the 8th graders spent a day at Oregon State.  These educational experiences are a memorable part of our students’ education.

Sounds good, but can I see the budget as a pie?


Student Programs (blue) = PACK Store, Art Literacy, Reading Support, Student Planners, Lunch Duty Supplies, & Community Programs

Schoolwide Support (red) = Principal’s Fund

Student Events (yellow) = Student Socials, 8th grade BBQ, Family Fun Night support, & New Student Picnic

Grade Level Student Experiences (green) = Transportation & costs for grade-level field trips. Last year, 6th went to Outdoor School, 7th explored PSU, and 8th enjoyed a day at OSU.

Staff Appreciation (orange)

Operating Costs (light blue) = 5K expenses and Miscellaneous

I see there’s a line item for “Schoolwide Support.” Seems suspiciously vague. What’s that all about?

So glad you asked.  The PTC provides Dr. Anderson with a “Schoolwide Support” line item that gives her the necessary flexibility to fund the ever-changing needs of Cedar Park. This line item allows for specific team, teacher, and grade level requests.  

Some examples from last year include:

  • Apple TVs and iPad stands to replace eight document cameras

  • two new projectors

  • items for our emerging Maker Lab

  • art supplies including clay

  • gloves for science

  • PE equipment

  • power cord strips for classrooms.

Still not convinced?  That line item also provided additional funds to support:

  • Lego Robotics and Coding

  • funds to start our Science Olympiad team

  • table stand for Timberwolves News Network

  • Mathcounts, Spelling Bee & Geography Bee registrations

  • college pennants for school hallways

  • 16' projection screen for assemblies

  • support for the SRC classroom mural painting project

  • mulch and bark for outdoor gardens

PHEW!  Still not done.  Finally, that “Schoolwide Support” line item also provided support for:

  • visiting author, Dan Gemeinhart

  • novels for 8th grade

  • additional OBOB books

  • earbuds to support student testing

  • sound equipment rental for spring musical production

  • CPMS t-shirts for 6th graders

So, ummm…. yeah.  Hope that was specific enough for you. A lot of unseen support and heavy lifting comes from that single line item. Sadly, it’s the one that will be impacted the most if we don’t make our goal.

I’m an 8th grade parent and I’m just over it.

Oh, honey.  We get it. However, ANY AMOUNT donated is incredibly helpful.  Cedar Park PTC does not have a large enough savings to cover our expenses this year, so we are quite literally fundraising for our expenses and for your student THIS school year.  The 8th grade field trip, and the 8th grade send-off are all powered through this 5K fundraiser.

It’s the collective effort that makes the biggest impact, so please consider donating whatever you can.  It quite literally, ALL HELPS.

You’ve inspired me.  Can I just donate to the cause online?

Totally.  Go to https://www.firstgiving.com/event/411287/2018CedarPark5K. Any amount puts us closer to our goal of $50,000.

I still have questions.  

Head to www.cedarparkptc.org for all the latest news or chat with Karen (cedarpark5k@gmail.com).