5K Donation– Easy Online Option Available

With nine days to go before our 5K event, over 80 students have earned funds through their 5K fundraising pages, totaling over $12,000.  These online fundraising pages allow students to create personal campaigns with the option of sending emails to friends and family across the country.

For those parents interested in an easier and more stream-lined method, an option exists to donate directly to the 5K fundraising effort without setting up a personal page.  Clicking "Donate" on the 5K home page allows parents to support CPMS through a simple online donation. Donors will still be given the option of donating to a CPMS team (their child's science teacher).

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.13.09 PM.png

Get started today at https://www.firstgiving.com/411287/cedar-park-5k and keep the momentum building to our $50,000 goal.

Check out our Fundraising page to answer any questions.  Let's do this CPMS!