CPMS Begins Staggered Release

Cedar Park has a shorter parking lot in the front of the school and a long, narrow one along the side. The front parking lot became too small for the number of families wanting to pick up their students from school. This clogged Park Way, an arterial, causing safety problems for families, neighbors, busses, and others using the road. 

The district’s Safety Team examined the procedure and recommended staggered release times for family vehicle pick-up. The team determined the safety plan will be to use the long back lot for this purpose. The most significant change is that the parking lot will be closed to cars from 3:35-4:00pm.

Safety for all of our students, parents, and supervising duty staff is critically important. We appreciate your support as we adjust to this new routine.


Walkers/Bikers/Bus Riders

Released at dismissal.


Early Parent Pickup (prior to 3:35pm)

If parent pick-up and leaving school early is necessary, the family must park and walk to meet student at front door prior to 3:35. Leaving early should be reserved for appointments and emergencies only, and is not acceptable for daily practice.


Regular Parent Car Pickup (4pm)

After the buses leave, approximately 10 minutes after dismissal (4pm), parents may enter the lot, drive around to the back lot, and pick up students at south end of side lot outside of C Hall. Students who are picked up by parents will be waiting at that exit. 

Questions can be directed to Shannon Anderson.

Dismissal map.png