CPMS Successfully Staffs BSD Clothes Closet

Cedar Park parents and community members successfully staffed the Beaverton Clothes Closet today, ensuring excellent service to all the clientele and working through literal mounds of donations.

Volunteers sort through a mountain of donations.

Volunteers sort through a mountain of donations.

Due to the recently implemented early release Wednesdays, the Clothes Closet has seen a downturn in volunteerism in the afternoon.  Thankfully CPMS was able to staff the store through 4pm.

The store is open to all families with current students, kindergarten through 12th grade.  Families do not need to prove need, but do need to pick up a admit slip from their school secretary.  The Closet is open from 10am-7pm every Wednesday of the school year.

Currently the Beaverton Clothes Closet is in need of winter coats and hooded sweatshirts for middle and high schoolers.  Donations can be dropped of at their location at 16550 SW Merlo Road, Beaverton, OR 97006. 

More information regarding BSD's Clothes Closet program can be found here.