5K Agonizingly Close to Achieving $50,000 Dream

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.29.08 AM.png

Our 5K journey is finally reaching its peak. We are so amazingly, unbelievably, awe-inspiringly CLOSE to achieving our goal of $50,000-- one of the biggest single fundraising goals set by the PTC in recent memory. 

As of this morning, we are just over $1000 away from reaching the top of our mountain.  Through matching funds, corporate sponsorships, and your own generosity, the summit is now within reach. Just like every student, EVERY.DOLLAR.COUNTS.

When we do this together, everybody wins.

Team Amazon (6th) continues to be in the lead overall,  but Lotus (7th) is coming on strong through envelope donations.  Endeavor continues to be in the lead for 8th.  

Additionally, two individual students have fundraised over $1000.  UNREAL.

Help push us to the top by turning in your cash/check donation to the office by today, Thursday, 10/12  or donate online at https://www.firstgiving.com/411287/cedar-park-5k.