Advocate NOW to Keep MYP at Cedar Park

Dear Cedar Park Community,

As many of you know, Beaverton School District is facing a crisis in school funding this upcoming year.   As the district has worked to balance the budget, they have proposed the elimination of the MYP program at Cedar Park.  As this program is at the heart of our educational model and school culture, we need your help now!

What would losing our MYP status mean?

  • A removal of the framework our teachers use to teach and the IB learner profile which are copyrighted, a loss of our Spanish Teacher and MYP coordinator.  MYP is the reason we have inquiry based learning, community service, Spanish language instruction and so much more. It’s woven into the very fabric of our school.

  • A disregard for hundreds of hours of specialized training our teachers have undergone to meet the higher standards of the IB World program and the many years that our school has invested in this program.

  • Once we give up our MYP status, we could not resume it without undergoing a brand new five year application process.  A short term budget fix will result in years of costly repercussions.

Your action is needed to advocate for MYP at Cedar Park. Here’s how:


Ginny Hansmann (Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning)  and Jared Cordon (Administrator) at (503)356-4431. Let them know that this is not acceptable to you and what the MYP program means to your families and your children.


There are three opportunities left to speak up about the proposed budget.  Attend a school board budget meeting and speak up:

  • Monday, April 22nd at 6:30-- Venue changed to Merlo High School

  • Monday, May 13th at 6:30

  • Tuesday, May 28th at 6:30

All meetings are at the Administration Offices on Merlo Rd.


Please take a few minutes of your time to send an email to your legislators and urge them to adequately fund public education.  

  • Tell your story!  Please tell your legislators what your dream is for public education and for your kids, grandkids, neighborhood kids, etc.  We’ve all seen the impact of reductions but we need to focus on what we want as we look to grow public education in Oregon. Keep your email simple and focus on key messages:

    1. Fund education adequately! Support the proposal from the Joint Committee for Student Success (HOUSE BILL 3427) to create a $2 billion investment in our kids.

    2. Talk about your dream of what our education system should be, and can be when we make true investments.

    3. Your belief that your kids’ success, or Oregon’s success, requires quality schools and that the status quo is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    4. Give an example of the situation in your neighborhood school.

    5. Talk about the need for smaller classes, increased learning time, and/or greater supports for kids.

    6. Ask them to show the leadership you elected them for and to solve this problem and fund schools.

Thank you for your support in continuing the IB tradition at Cedar Park.

CPMS Art Sale & Auction Scheduled for Thursday, 5/2

Art auction Flyer.jpg

Support the Cedar Park Art Program at Thursday, 5/2 from 6-7:30pm. Student art will be on display and for sale, each hand-crafted by current CPMS students.

“The students have all researched what they wanted to make and have put in their own time to try and help the future of our program,” shares Art teacher, Anthony Burton.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own these priceless gems.

Principal Coffee & Tea Scheduled for Tuesday, 4/23

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.17.54 AM.png

Join Cedar Park principal, Dr. Shannon Anderson, for an informal gathering on Tuesday, 4/23 from 8:45-9:30am at CPMS.

This event will be a chance for CPMS parents to meet, ask questions, and share ideas with our CPMS administration. Learn more about the policies, practices and academics at CPMS in a smaller setting and meet other Cedar Park parents.

ALL PARENTS are welcome and encouraged to attend.

March 2019 Cedar Reader: PTC Edition

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 8.04.50 AM.png

Miss last month’s PTC newsletter? Here it is again, full of some exciting PTC and Cedar Park updates, such as:

  • Recap & pictures of Cedar Park Onstage One Act Festival

  • Spring Break Spirit Week photos

  • Upcoming events, including the Pulsera Project & student-led charity drives

  • OBOB and Math Counts accolades

  • Volunteering opportunities, including Art Lit

  • Updated calendar

Click HERE to find out more.

Art Literacy Returns to CPMS this April, Volunteers Needed

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.20.58 PM.png

The second of two PTC-funded art lit lessons will be held this April, as the world of Art Deco comes to Cedar Park. These artistic endeavors are made possible thanks to your generous 5K donation.

Like last fall, students will first meet in the Library/Media Center for the lesson & slide show. The art project will then be done in each Humanities classroom. 

All volunteers must have completed an mVP background check and log-in to the main computer when entering the building.


There will be a one hour training on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7:00pm in the Cedar Park Library/Media Center. During the training, the lesson and project are reviewed, so that volunteers are familiar with what will be done on the big day! Volunteers are not required to attend this training but it is a nice way to learn about the subject before hand, make your own piece of art and chat with other volunteers.

Questions can be directed to

March 2019 Community Meeting Minutes

Your Cedar Park PTC held its March meeting on 3/11/19, with special guest, Beaverton HS principal, Anne Erwin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 5.23.32 PM.png

Topics included:

  • Principal updates, including upcoming dates

  • Approval of Bettina Jeszensky as PTC treasurer for the remainder of the year

  • Approval of $6253 for library furniture upgrades, hopefully the first of several phases

  • Upcoming volunteer needs, including 8th grade field trip and art lit

  • Upcoming Beaverton HS fundraising events, including Shoshana Bean concert & Inspirit Auction

Explore the full recap HERE.

Our final PTC community meeting of the year will be Monday, 5/20 at 7pm.